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Strengthening Private Practice
Keeping Healthcare Local

Growth Orthopedics is a revolutionary new concept in health-managed service organizations. We offer independent orthopedic practices a way to improve patient care while creating additional wealth and revenue for the physicians and managing shareholders. 

Physician Testimonial Video

"We wanted to stay private as a group. It was important for us to continue to provide good quality care, and [Growth Ortho] was an avenue to be able to keep the things that were important to us in a private practice setting, but also have a little bit more assistance in certain areas that might allow us to grow... Physicians are definitely driving the ship here."

-Owen McGonigle MD, Bluegrass Orthopaedics

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If you've ever considered working with a managed service organization before but you've had reservations due to patient care, loss of autonomy, or other concerns, Growth Ortho represents a new approach to patient care and practice management that addresses these perceptions.