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Growth Orthopedics is not a typical managed service organization. If you've been approached by other healthcare investors but have declined because they didn't fit your healthcare philosophy or your sense of independence, we encourage you to consider setting up an initial conversation with Growth Ortho.

Physician Testimonial Video

"[Our] relationship has exceeded all of the physicians' expectations. Our day-to-day practices have really not changed much. The doctors seem to be in full control and have the same level of autonomy as ever. Behind the scenes, Growth Ortho is helping us to steer our practice in a direction of growth and continued excellence."

-Christian Christensen MD, Bluegrass Orthopaedics

Physician Testimonial Video

"The number one thing I was most protective of was our autonomy to be able to continue to practice medicine the way we want to practice medicine. We are about a year into our partnership, and in that year we've seen tremendous growth. Growth Ortho has made good on all their promises, if anything they've overdelivered... The only thing I wish I would have done different is bring [Growth Ortho] in sooner."

-Edwards Seade MD, Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin

Guiding Principles

We are taking a new approach to orthopedic MSOs — one that places the physician and their ability to care for patients first. Ultimately, we believe that our model will usher in a new age of orthopedic healthcare in every market in which we operate.


Ensure Physician Autonomy

Clinical & practice autonomy


Provide a Transaction that Appeals to All Physicians

Regardless of stage of career


Support Growth Initiatives

Invest in and grow practice


Recruit Key Talent

Deliver superior recruiting resources


Provide Best in Class Economics to New Physicians

New MD salary guarantees


Physicians Maintain Voice in Key Decisions


  • Most current PE groups in healthcare are "aggregators"
  • After initial acquisition, all additional groups become add-ons
  • Traditional PE physician group will develop into a mini-health system
  • Establish single EMR and Practice Management System
  • Physicians are often forced to utilize singular medical devices and services
  • Often, there is a consolidation of name and brand to a singular company
  • MSO structure is often confusing to all those involved with the organization
  • Most MSOs take a hands-on approach to ensure that their investment is profitable

Growth Ortho 

  • Our goal is to establish regional centers of excellence
  • We invest and grow each regional platform while allowing autonomy
  • We respect physician and clinic individuality and autonomy
  • There is no need to change /update an EMR unless it’s the individual practice's desire
  • Physicians make clinical decisions that are in the patients’ best interest
  • Your clinic will have the same name that your community has come to know and trust
  • We believe in partnership and transparency with our affiliate medical practices
  • Growth Ortho achieves profitability by improving efficiency, which allows the practice to grow

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At Growth Ortho, we achieve profitability by improving efficiency, which allows the practice to grow. We bring in the support, equipment, staffing, and processes that the practice requires.

Advantages of Joining
Management Services Organization

There are many advantages to becoming part of a larger group like Growth Ortho. If you have concerns or are unsure, we encourage you to schedule an initial meeting. Here are some of the key advantages to orthopedists and key equity holders in individual practices.

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Time to Focus on Medicine


Improved Leverage


Practice Growth


Physician Selection


Improved Income & Wealth


Physician Autonomy

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Time to Focus on Medicine

Time to
Focus on Medicine

By removing yourself from the day-to-day business of the practice, you can focus more on what you do best.

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Improved Leverage


Belonging to a large, multi-practice MSO, you have more bargaining power when negotiating with vendors, payors, and insurance companies.

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Practice Growth


If you've seen the expansion of your practice stall, it may be because you've outgrown the single-practice model. Growth Ortho can get you back on track.

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Physician Selection


Our size and national recognition allow us to select some of the best orthopedists in the country. You will only receive top-qualified candidates in your practice.

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Improved Income & Wealth

Income & Wealth

Growth Ortho offers enhanced incentive programs for physicians, including equity participation.

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Physician Autonomy


Most managing physicians started a practice to enjoy independence. Growth Ortho will not get in the way of the clinical treatment of patients. Practices will maintain their branding.

Frequently Asked

General Questions

Changes to Your Practice

Physician Autonomy

How We
Protect Physician Autonomy

Maintaining physician autonomy is not only important for physician job satisfaction and patient welfare; it's a core factor to the Growth Ortho business model. Here are some of the ways we protect our doctors' autonomy:


Practices retain their name and individual branding.

Medical Decisions

Practice physicians make all clinical decisions regarding patient care.


Doctors are not required to work more or improve productivity.

Physician Recruitments

You will interview some of the brightest and most talented orthopedists as part of the physician selection process.


Managing members have an opportunity to participate in equity sharing.


Member practices and doctors maintain their autonomy. Physicians are not pressured to increase output, cut patient visitation times, or alter their schedules to improve patient flow.

Committing to a
Healthcare MSO

The decision to partner with an orthopedic MSO can be daunting at first. Growth Ortho recognizes that. That's why we offer our healthcare partners every assurance that they can still maintain their autonomy while improving patient service, as well as increasing income and profitability. And while there will be a new stakeholder in your practice, our presence will be beneficial to all.

Maintain Your Voice

When you partner with Growth Ortho, your branding, patient medical practices, and key staff will remain in place. The alterations we make will be seamless and will not adversely affect the care of your patients.

Receive Transparency From the Start

Before Growth Ortho partners with an orthopedic practice, they examine every facet of the organization. This is a transparent process, and the doctors and equity holders in the practice will know what we intend to do well in advance of signing the deal. We emphasize transparency because we want our physicians and other key employees to see that we are not trying to alter their practice in an uninviting manner. Once the business is acquired, we will begin making improvements.

Be Confident in Your Decision

Most orthopedic practice owners can immediately recognize the multiple advantages of joining a management services organization, but they're concerned about their individual and organizational obligations to the MSO. At Growth Ortho, we believe in partnership and transparency with our affiliate medical practices. Any contractual obligations by the doctors or the practices will be listed during the negotiation process. We will even clarify points that our experience has shown us that may be of concern to onboarding orthopedic practices. We want you to be confident about your decision before you commit.


When you partner with Growth Ortho, your branding, patient medical practices, and key staff will remain in place. The alterations we make will be seamless and will not adversely affect the care of your patients.

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Growth Ortho helps orthopedic physicians and managers focus on practicing medicine. If you are a key decision-maker in an independent orthopedic office, contact us to discuss your future.